More Learning: Blender 2.76


This weekend I began work on a number of different tutorials for Blender, leaning the basics of what I need to make my own models for interiors, structures, enemies and the like.

Above is an early screen capture of the interior of a cavern where you would find an Old Man.  Still learning how to unwrap and UV Map for the texturing, there are plenty of tutorials out there, so I am confident I can learn this and turn out a quality model with some time.  Of course the lighting and all that will need work too, in the image above, the light sources throw out a very distinct specular glare off of the floor.

Once my friend has completed his sketches for my concept of the Armos statue, I will be working on learning the aspects of organic modeling too.


Zelda Informer Article!

Wow, so someone over at Zelda Informer found this page and put up an article!

With this, I am going to be working on some project management tutorials and such, which will not only help with this but also my job.

This evening I will be working on some more comparison screen shots and some Blender tutorials for cave creation.  By the end of the weekend I would like to have the cave from the first screen implemented.


A List of Things to Come


What is in place:

  1. Terrain Blocks
    1. Textured: 90%
      • Need to finish review the terrain blocks and make certain all areas are painted proper.  Need to do some blending between environmental transitions and add some variety to areas with variations on textures already in use.
      • This slideshow requires JavaScript.

        This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    2. Trees / Bush Placed: 90%
      • At this time, the Dead Trees, Living Trees, Dead Bushes and Living Bushes are in place in line with what was in the original game.
      • Need to work on additional detailing with detail meshes for dead leaves, small underbrush, tall grass etc.
      • 1098131_1237594766256760_5324911632792743894_n
    3. Rocks Placed: 90%
      • Rocks are in place in line with what was in the original game.
      • Cliffs are still being worked on along shorelines.
    4. Enemy Models (Armos): 01%
      • Placeholders are put in, art is being worked on.
      • AI needs to be designed.
        • Will use a basic white cube with the Armos texture as a placeholder for AI testing.
      • 3D Model needs designed.
    5. Weather and Particle Effects: 25%
      • Falling leaves in the living and dead forests need reviewed / placed.
      • Snowfall in the graveyard needs reviewed
      • Additional ambient particle effects need added.
    6. Lighting: 50%
      • Have lights and shadows in place, need to figure out how to make it better.
      • Need to work on Fog Volumes for eliminating the pop-in of terrain blocks as they load and unload.  Also need to make it so there is fog along the edges of the camera in Top-Down mode.
      • Shaders need to be updated to combine the Toon Outline used on Link and the Diffuse used on the Terrain textures.  The custom combination can be added to the terrain under the settings as a material.
    7. Water: 50%
      • Water is all in place, but the appearances can be improved upon.
      • Rivers still need to flow as a river, need a different prefab than what is used for the ocean.
    8. Sound: 25%
      • Sea sounds and a few others have been implemented in the world.
      • Need to work on sound transitions for the Lost Woods and Graveyard ambiance.
      • Need to determine what additional natural sounds will need to be added to the forests, desert, plains, dead forests, beaches and mountains.
    9. Dungeon Entrances: 10%
      1. Entrances are in place on the map using placeholders.
      2. Colliders for triggering a new scene to load need added.
      3. Placeholders will be replaced with custom models.
    10. Lost Woods: 25%
      1. The area is in place on the main dynamic map.
      2. Need to setup the trigger to load a new scene specifically for the Lost Woods.
    11. Lost Hills: 25%
      1. The area is in place on the main dynamic map
      2. Need to setup the trigger to load a new scene specifically for the Lost Hills.
    12. Caves: 0%
      1. Need to get the Terrain Hole system asset working properly so I can punch holes in the terrain where  a cave entrance should be.
      2. Need to figure out how to cover the bombable entrances.
      3. Need to figure out how to cover the entrances under burnable bushes.
  2. Player
    1. Model: 25%
      • A model of Link from Skyward Sword has been implemented.
    2. Controls: 10%
      • Control still need to be designed, tutorial found for Wind Waker style controls.
    3. Camera: 30%
      • Camera needs to be completed.  Top Down seems to be working well, FP and 3P also work, but the controls need to be able to be switched when the camera switches.
    4. Animation: 10%
      • Animations are all the standard pre-packaged with Unity.  Work on Mechanim animation tutorials and scripting.  Need to get a good set of animations with Sword & Shield and Shield Only.
    5. Stats (Health, Attack, Items Etc.): 0%
      • Not implemented any stats, tracking of stats or anything like that.
    6. Combat: 0%
      • Not implemented attack buttons or animations.
  3. HUD: 25%
  4. Enemies: 1%
  5. Dungeons: 0%

Forward and Back

Over this past weekend, I continued to look at some tutorials and mimic the manner in which the Survival Shooter tutorial handles enemy spawners with an EnemyManager Script.

So now, at this time, on screen grid H2, the boulders that tumble down the side of the mountain spawn and tumble.  Need to add scripting to delete the instantiated objects and I need to make them “Bounce” a bit more.  They kinda fall down and get caught on the river.

The NES VersionBouldertest_NES

The 3D Remake, Top DownBouldertest

The Remake, First PersonBouldertest_FP

As for the “Back” part, I had to re-import my Link model after realizing I had accidentally connected two points in the models legs that should not have been.  Because of this, I had to work to re-import the model and get the controller and such setup again.  It now uses the first person controller so that I can have mouse-look.  This is only in place as a temporary measure until I complete the tutorial on a Windwaker-style camera controller.

Enemy Review: Armos

Below is a gathering of information and images for one of my first enemies to implement / piece of the terrain, the Armos solider.

Original Sprite:

Armos Front

My rough sketch:20160307_104837.jpg

Deimos’s art from Deviant Art:


Concept Art (Manual):


Other Official Nintendo Art:


Other Artists Concept 1:


Other Artists Concept 1:


This style above I think is my favorite.  Want to mix aspects of this one in.

A neat project and the symbol of the Sheika I want to incorporate into the design.


This Weeks Progress

It is good to take a step back after setting some goals for the week and seeing just what I was able to accomplish and learn.


  1. Get Link imported and animated.
  2. Update terrain textures
  3. Properly place detail objects (So they are not floating)

Completed items:

  • Re-texturing of terrain blocks A1 – B2
    • Textures now all have a Diffuse, Specular, Bump (Height), Normal and Occlusion Map for these blocks.
    • Manually adjusting the placement of misc. stones and stone groups so they no longer are floating above the ground
    • 1098131_1237594766256760_5324911632792743894_n
  • New trees of varying sizes have been imported.
    • These will be the medium sized objects that are needed for the Living Forest areas.
  • Character model of Link has been textured, rigged and animated with a single Idle pose.
  • Grabbed my first model to use for an enemy character, the Octorock.
  • Updated the Third Person controller so that Link is moving properly and animated with the default animations.
  • Created a walk-through video.
  • Below is an image of the path that was followed.
  • 12485806_1238359079513662_3980882462438396651_o

Issues Encountered This Weekend:

  • For some reason, when trying to move around with the third person controller (updated to use Link) I can only rotate left or right.  Pressing forward does nothing at all and pressing back rotates the camera 180 degress and makes it go crazy jiggling.  Need to find out what this issue is.
    • Issue was resolved by deleting the old controller and re-importing the Standard Asset Pack and adding the controller back.
  • Link’s eyes are missing.  I believe this is due to the fact that he had a blinking animation incorporated in Skyward Sword and this is that version of the model.


Differences Maps Make

Below is a scene from the desert area of my LOZ 3D remake. This scene in particular shows the same texture with different maps applied. On the left is only Albedo and on the right is Albedo, Smooth and Normal maps applied.


I am wondering if there are other shaders or something along those lines which I can use to include Bump, Spec and Occlusion maps.

These extra maps were all produced using the CrazyBump program, it is a really wonderful tool, very simple to use.

Some Comparison

Below are some screen shots from TED and L3DT:


Below is a comparison with the old L3DT terrain:


Below is a comparison shot from UDK:


Below is the new version from Unity:


Some screen comparisons:

Spectacle Rock (Screen F1):

SpectalRockSpectalRock F1 TopDown

Waterfall (Screen K2):

WaterfallWaterfall Top Down

Gerudo Desert (Screens K3 & K4):

DesertK3 OverheadK4 OrigDesert Top Down

Fairy Fountain (Screen J4):


Eastern Hyrule Forest (Screen N6):

HyruleForestN6 Top Down

Eastern Shore (Screen P6):

BeachBeach P6 Top Down

Moon Labyrinth (Level 2 Entrance, Screen M4):

Dungeon2EntranceDungeon2Entrance Top Down

Snake Labyrinth (Level 4 Entrance, Screen F5):

F5 OrigF5 Top

Eagle Labyrinth (Level 1 Entrance, Screen H4):

H4 OrigLevel1 Top DownLevel1 3rd Personthe_legend_of_zelda___17___18___level_1_by_mregaku-d71c4ol

Start Screen (Hyrule Hills, Screen H8):

H8 OrigH8 Top

Western Hyrule Forest (Screen A7):

DeadForestExit Orig

DeadForestExit Top View

Graveyard (Screen A5):

GraveSceneGraveScene A5 Top Down