Some Comparison

Below are some screen shots from TED and L3DT:


Below is a comparison with the old L3DT terrain:


Below is a comparison shot from UDK:


Below is the new version from Unity:


Some screen comparisons:

Spectacle Rock (Screen F1):

SpectalRockSpectalRock F1 TopDown

Waterfall (Screen K2):

WaterfallWaterfall Top Down

Gerudo Desert (Screens K3 & K4):

DesertK3 OverheadK4 OrigDesert Top Down

Fairy Fountain (Screen J4):


Eastern Hyrule Forest (Screen N6):

HyruleForestN6 Top Down

Eastern Shore (Screen P6):

BeachBeach P6 Top Down

Moon Labyrinth (Level 2 Entrance, Screen M4):

Dungeon2EntranceDungeon2Entrance Top Down

Snake Labyrinth (Level 4 Entrance, Screen F5):

F5 OrigF5 Top

Eagle Labyrinth (Level 1 Entrance, Screen H4):

H4 OrigLevel1 Top DownLevel1 3rd Personthe_legend_of_zelda___17___18___level_1_by_mregaku-d71c4ol

Start Screen (Hyrule Hills, Screen H8):

H8 OrigH8 Top

Western Hyrule Forest (Screen A7):

DeadForestExit Orig

DeadForestExit Top View

Graveyard (Screen A5):

GraveSceneGraveScene A5 Top Down


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