This Weeks Progress

It is good to take a step back after setting some goals for the week and seeing just what I was able to accomplish and learn.


  1. Get Link imported and animated.
  2. Update terrain textures
  3. Properly place detail objects (So they are not floating)

Completed items:

  • Re-texturing of terrain blocks A1 – B2
    • Textures now all have a Diffuse, Specular, Bump (Height), Normal and Occlusion Map for these blocks.
    • Manually adjusting the placement of misc. stones and stone groups so they no longer are floating above the ground
    • 1098131_1237594766256760_5324911632792743894_n
  • New trees of varying sizes have been imported.
    • These will be the medium sized objects that are needed for the Living Forest areas.
  • Character model of Link has been textured, rigged and animated with a single Idle pose.
  • Grabbed my first model to use for an enemy character, the Octorock.
  • Updated the Third Person controller so that Link is moving properly and animated with the default animations.
  • Created a walk-through video.
  • Below is an image of the path that was followed.
  • 12485806_1238359079513662_3980882462438396651_o

Issues Encountered This Weekend:

  • For some reason, when trying to move around with the third person controller (updated to use Link) I can only rotate left or right.  Pressing forward does nothing at all and pressing back rotates the camera 180 degress and makes it go crazy jiggling.  Need to find out what this issue is.
    • Issue was resolved by deleting the old controller and re-importing the Standard Asset Pack and adding the controller back.
  • Link’s eyes are missing.  I believe this is due to the fact that he had a blinking animation incorporated in Skyward Sword and this is that version of the model.



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