Forward and Back

Over this past weekend, I continued to look at some tutorials and mimic the manner in which the Survival Shooter tutorial handles enemy spawners with an EnemyManager Script.

So now, at this time, on screen grid H2, the boulders that tumble down the side of the mountain spawn and tumble.  Need to add scripting to delete the instantiated objects and I need to make them “Bounce” a bit more.  They kinda fall down and get caught on the river.

The NES VersionBouldertest_NES

The 3D Remake, Top DownBouldertest

The Remake, First PersonBouldertest_FP

As for the “Back” part, I had to re-import my Link model after realizing I had accidentally connected two points in the models legs that should not have been.  Because of this, I had to work to re-import the model and get the controller and such setup again.  It now uses the first person controller so that I can have mouse-look.  This is only in place as a temporary measure until I complete the tutorial on a Windwaker-style camera controller.


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