A List of Things to Come


What is in place:

  1. Terrain Blocks
    1. Textured: 90%
      • Need to finish review the terrain blocks and make certain all areas are painted proper.  Need to do some blending between environmental transitions and add some variety to areas with variations on textures already in use.
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    2. Trees / Bush Placed: 90%
      • At this time, the Dead Trees, Living Trees, Dead Bushes and Living Bushes are in place in line with what was in the original game.
      • Need to work on additional detailing with detail meshes for dead leaves, small underbrush, tall grass etc.
      • 1098131_1237594766256760_5324911632792743894_n
    3. Rocks Placed: 90%
      • Rocks are in place in line with what was in the original game.
      • Cliffs are still being worked on along shorelines.
    4. Enemy Models (Armos): 01%
      • Placeholders are put in, art is being worked on.
      • AI needs to be designed.
        • Will use a basic white cube with the Armos texture as a placeholder for AI testing.
      • 3D Model needs designed.
    5. Weather and Particle Effects: 25%
      • Falling leaves in the living and dead forests need reviewed / placed.
      • Snowfall in the graveyard needs reviewed
      • Additional ambient particle effects need added.
    6. Lighting: 50%
      • Have lights and shadows in place, need to figure out how to make it better.
      • Need to work on Fog Volumes for eliminating the pop-in of terrain blocks as they load and unload.  Also need to make it so there is fog along the edges of the camera in Top-Down mode.
      • Shaders need to be updated to combine the Toon Outline used on Link and the Diffuse used on the Terrain textures.  The custom combination can be added to the terrain under the settings as a material.
    7. Water: 50%
      • Water is all in place, but the appearances can be improved upon.
      • Rivers still need to flow as a river, need a different prefab than what is used for the ocean.
    8. Sound: 25%
      • Sea sounds and a few others have been implemented in the world.
      • Need to work on sound transitions for the Lost Woods and Graveyard ambiance.
      • Need to determine what additional natural sounds will need to be added to the forests, desert, plains, dead forests, beaches and mountains.
    9. Dungeon Entrances: 10%
      1. Entrances are in place on the map using placeholders.
      2. Colliders for triggering a new scene to load need added.
      3. Placeholders will be replaced with custom models.
    10. Lost Woods: 25%
      1. The area is in place on the main dynamic map.
      2. Need to setup the trigger to load a new scene specifically for the Lost Woods.
    11. Lost Hills: 25%
      1. The area is in place on the main dynamic map
      2. Need to setup the trigger to load a new scene specifically for the Lost Hills.
    12. Caves: 0%
      1. Need to get the Terrain Hole system asset working properly so I can punch holes in the terrain where  a cave entrance should be.
      2. Need to figure out how to cover the bombable entrances.
      3. Need to figure out how to cover the entrances under burnable bushes.
  2. Player
    1. Model: 25%
      • A model of Link from Skyward Sword has been implemented.
    2. Controls: 10%
      • Control still need to be designed, tutorial found for Wind Waker style controls.
    3. Camera: 30%
      • Camera needs to be completed.  Top Down seems to be working well, FP and 3P also work, but the controls need to be able to be switched when the camera switches.
    4. Animation: 10%
      • Animations are all the standard pre-packaged with Unity.  Work on Mechanim animation tutorials and scripting.  Need to get a good set of animations with Sword & Shield and Shield Only.
    5. Stats (Health, Attack, Items Etc.): 0%
      • Not implemented any stats, tracking of stats or anything like that.
    6. Combat: 0%
      • Not implemented attack buttons or animations.
  3. HUD: 25%
  4. Enemies: 1%
  5. Dungeons: 0%

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