Concept – Labyrinth 01: Eagle

This week I have been tinkering with designing modular rooms for using with the labyrinths when it comes time to design those.  In the images below, you can see some ideas I am working with.

Original Room from Labyrinth 01, Eagle:


Top Down View of the same room:Tetsroom2c

Slightly angled:Tetsroom2d

3rd Person View:Tetsroom2bTestRoom

Top Down View using Pillars instead of Blocks:Tetsroom2f

Slightly Angled:Tetsroom2e

Third Person View:Tetsroom2aTetsroom2g

With these top down views, you will not be able to see the ceiling within the dungeon, but I am going to have one created for when you are in first and third person views.

So the texturing is complete bunk at this point, but I am learning.  Just now getting used to adding different materials to a model, moving the material around and scaling it properly too.  Setting seams for a UV unwrap is a skill all of itself, another thing I will be marathoning info-graphs and tutorials for.  Below are the three textures I am using in their most basic for for Labyrinth 01.



Top of the Walls:Dungen01TopWallTile

All of these are super basic, I am going to be:

1.) Working on detailing them with the Hand-Painted texture tutorials I have found plenty of.

2.) I will also be running these through the Substance Designer program ( to get some nice procedural texturing going so things are not so sterile and clean.

3.) Crazybump will be used to create the Normal, Specular and other maps.

On DeviantArt, there is someone actively working on a LOZ comic and I love what they have so far!  LOZ Comic on Deviant Art




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