Labyrinth 04: Snake

In tinkering with the textures that I want to use for the dungeon interiors, I completed recoloring some of the floor and wall textures for use with levels 01, 02, 03, 04 and 08. Below is some information about the fourth level and some comparison screen shots of the level after importing it into Unity.


Temple 4 (Snake)– Temple of Ruto of the Zora 

“This once was the temple dedicated to the great sage of the Zora, Princess Ruto. In the hundreds of years that have passed since Ruto lived, this temple was erected in her memory.  With Gannon and his minions moving into the land of Southern Hyrule and leaving destruction in their wake, some of the Zora have turned on their old allies the Hylian.  With this piece of the Triforce of Wisdom recovered and the spirit of the temple reawakened you are on your way to banishing the evil of Gannon and returning the land of Hyrule to its former splendor and glory.” ~ Story bits shown after the defeat of the Gleeok.

With the dungeons from the original game, I wanted to work in some little bits to tie the game back to the previous games in the timeline.  Being that this Dungeon is located on an island in the middle of Lake Hylia, it would be a great way to work the Zora into my idea. Each of the labyrinths will have elements related to one of the Sages or Goddesses.

  1. Labyrinth 01 – Temple of Zelda of the Hylian (Eagle)
  2. Labyrinth 02 – Temple of Nabooru of the Gerudo (Moon)
  3. Labyrinth 03 – Temple of Saria of the Kokiri (Manji)
  4. Labyrinth 04 – Temple of Ruto of the Zora (Snake)
  5. Labyrinth 05 – Temple of Darunia of the Gorons (Lizard)
  6. Labyrinth 06 – Temple of Impa of the Sheikah (Dragon)
  7. Labyrinth 07 – Temple of Din the Goddess of Power (Demon)
  8. Labyrinth 08 – Temple of Farore Goddess of Courage (Lion)
  9. Labyrinth 09 – Temple of Nayru Goddess of Wisdom (Skull)





Room P7:dungeon04_room03_by_cheifwahoomcdaniel-d9tnhto

Room O8 (Entrance):dungeon04_room01_by_cheifwahoomcdaniel-d9tngvx

Room O7:dungeon04_room04_by_cheifwahoomcdaniel-d9tngw4



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