Organizing A Game

So, one of the things you learn when diving into a project like this is that you may have to go back to the drawing board with some items as you learn newer and better ways of doing things.  This was the case with the Overworld and now is the case with the file structure I am using.

Starting with the land of Hyrule, I have already posted a few things about the new approach I am taking with the models.  They are smaller chunks, a single one per screen now.  These will each have a material associated with them for a Handpainted, Realistic and Original texture.  These will be able to be swapped out via options in game.


Another thing I have started looking into (for future use) is photogrammetry.  Found some tools and such for this.  It is the same technique used to get the amazing terrains in the new Star Wars game.  Like I said, a future item.

Organization is very important.  I have had to rethink the way my folders, models, scripts sounds and all are being organized.Structure.png

Organizing props as well.  Below are some shots of the props to be used in Labyrinth 01.




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