Animating Link

Been working over the weekend and this evening, finally managed to get Classic Link from Hyrule warriors animated and moving in Unity.

I am going to be working on a camera system for First and Third person modes ala “Ocarina of Time”.

Here is a little preview.



  1. mgfcortez · February 25, 2017

    hay man love the work your doing on this game can’t wait to play your game you know with the new zelda game it takes place in the downfall timeline just like zelda 1 so you might be able to get inspiration from it on the 3rd if you need it but looking at your work i know you come up with very bad ass look by yourself. also being such a big fan of zelda 1 i know we only ever get to see lower Hyrule in game but in the booklet it also talks about upper Hyrule would be cool if you added that in some kinda way even if it was only a small place with the castle and the upper class of people like a town maybe show it off at the end of the game some where you can check out after beating it, plus they is only two dead trees on zelda 1 map if i remember right one for dungeon 1 and the other for the money game wouldn’t it be cool if they ended up being the two dead deku trees? make up a reason one moved so far away from the other anyway keep up the great work!!


    • Delmar001 · March 8, 2017

      Thank you very much for the comment! I am certainly going to be looking to Breath of the Wild for new story elements to flesh out the sterile environments that the NES left us with. So much going on with the Sheikia, I hope to have new information to be able to add into my lore for Dungeon 6, the Western Graveyard, Armos Knights and the Ghini.

      As for AOL, I have actually contemplated tinkering with that after completion of this game, especially after working on the side view Basement room for Dungeon 01. Also, I was trying to think of how to work in Lorule for the explanation for the entire Second Quest. I need to play through that game to see what connections I can make.


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