Testing the Bomb Script

Working on some Unity scripting to take a step back from the model work I have been doing.

Getting the bombs to explode and affect objects around them is where I am right now.  Below is a link to my Youtube video of what I have thus far.

Thanks for checking it out!!!


More Scaling and Resource Gathering / Creation

Here are a few more screen shots of renders from within Blender.

Grouping items together by the environments that they will be found in.

Beach Props

Beach Trees and Brush

Dead WoodsDead Trees and Brush


Graveyard Props

Living WoodsLiving Trees and Brush

The Red Rocks

Red Rocks

The Green Rocks

Green Rocks

Scaling, Modeling and More!

I have been busy with some courses on Udemy, learning more about Blender at the moment.  With this, I have been gathering and editing assets and working on my own.

Below are some screenshots of what I have.

Working on the Second Labyrinth entrance for the overworld.

800px-TLoZ_Level-2_Entrance MODEL

Temporary enemies for scaling and scripting (until I get my actual models completed)

Link and Enemies

All of the items (with the in-game listing for comparison)

Items Render Compare

EquipmentLink and Equipment

Graveyard Assets (need to choose a style still)Link and Graveyard Props

Items picked up or placed on the ground.Link and Ground Items

Inventory ItemsLink and Inventory Items

The shattered Triforce of Wisdom (8 Pieces) and the complete Triforce of Courage.Link and Triforce