More Testing and Such

Another Test Room video showing progress with scripting and animation.

– Blade Traps: All four variants are working as expected so far. Need to add sounds to the animation though.
– Sliding Block: Setup now to move the block in a direction depending on how you face when pushing it. Needs work, the facing direction part.
– Direction facing: Very primitive stand-in version for the top-down view controls. What is in place now is only for demo.
– Locked Doors: Key pickup, unlock, sound etc. is working. Animation needs work.
– Bombable Walls: Working great, need to mess with the debris and how it is blown out of the wall
– HUD: Got the jist of it down, text updating key and bomb counts. New “Push” and “Open” options, will be working on this so it does not interfere with combat and so “B” button items cannot be used at the same time as a Push or Open command.

– To come:
Working HUD Map, Working HP Bar, Room to Room Camera Movement (Top Down)
Basement Room. Need to get the model I had for the basement updated in Blender and imported into Unity.


– Issues: The turning and movement of Link is wonky, learning animation and such will help though. Unity still does odd things with scaling, so learning how to deal with that and resetting the origin of objects


Testing Scripts Continued…

Continuing to test things.  Got blade traps going, a UI and tracking of Key and Bomb counts, door animations working now, new buttons show when you can “Open” a locked door or “Push” a block.  Need to get this figured out though, I need to prevent the use of items while the Push and Open options are available.


Testing the Bomb Script

Working on some Unity scripting to take a step back from the model work I have been doing.

Getting the bombs to explode and affect objects around them is where I am right now.  Below is a link to my Youtube video of what I have thus far.

Thanks for checking it out!!!

Scaling, Modeling and More!

I have been busy with some courses on Udemy, learning more about Blender at the moment.  With this, I have been gathering and editing assets and working on my own.

Below are some screenshots of what I have.

Working on the Second Labyrinth entrance for the overworld.

800px-TLoZ_Level-2_Entrance MODEL

Temporary enemies for scaling and scripting (until I get my actual models completed)

Link and Enemies

All of the items (with the in-game listing for comparison)

Items Render Compare

EquipmentLink and Equipment

Graveyard Assets (need to choose a style still)Link and Graveyard Props

Items picked up or placed on the ground.Link and Ground Items

Inventory ItemsLink and Inventory Items

The shattered Triforce of Wisdom (8 Pieces) and the complete Triforce of Courage.Link and Triforce

Player Controls and More!

Good morning!

I am going to start out this post by outlining my intentions for the control style of this game.  What I am shooting for is going to be the ability to play the game in both the original Top Down style as well as the Ocarina of Time / Wind Waker 3rd and 1st Person modes along with Z-Targeting.  For this, there are going to be a few different control schemes, they will all mesh together though, so flipping from Top Down to 3rd Person, the transition between what pressing left and right do will be seamless.  In Top-Down, when you press left, you are going to want to go directly left, with the OoT style though, there is rotation and the player has the ability to orbit the camera, pivot, run at it and much more.

As for the “More” part of the title of this post, I have been working on learning how to script very basic enemy AI.  You can see in the video below, I have animated a Stalfos from Hyrule Warriors and he can give chase to Link when Link gets close enough!

The tutorials I am doing also have information about how to stop the camera from running through walls so there will be no need to worry about that either!

Here is a bit more progress, getting closer to the OoT style control I want for the over-the-shoulder view.

Breath of the Wild Concept Tests from Nintendo

So Nintendo did the reverse of what I am going for, for testing concepts and ideas used in Breath of the Wild, they went 2D from 3D.


Here you can see where I am going for a bit of the opposite, taking the 2D game and making it 3D.

I am nearly done revising the models to be used in the first dungeon and I am working on Links animations now.  Once that is all complete, I will have a new walkthrough video to show!

Animating Link

Been working over the weekend and this evening, finally managed to get Classic Link from Hyrule warriors animated and moving in Unity.

I am going to be working on a camera system for First and Third person modes ala “Ocarina of Time”.

Here is a little preview.