Overworld Props and More

Been continuing work in Blender gathering all my props, organizing, renaming and setting up materials etc for ease of import into Unity.  Here are some screen shots.

Dead Areas:  Dry Grass

Dead grass and leaves

Some of the small dead grass that can be found in dry/dead environments (Mainly western Hyrule)  Leaves there will be used as forest floor coverage in this area too.

Dead Areas: Dead Trees and BushesDead Bushes.PNG

Dead Trees

In the game, all the brush and bush seems the same, the small round shrubs.  Taking some liberty to add variety to the environment.  Keeping it all in the proper places though will have screen shots of that later down the road and my approach to ensuring objects are in the correct spots compared to the original game.

Mountain Areas: Red Rocks


These are the stones you will see throughout the mountains of Northern and Western Hyrule.

Hills and Plains: Living Grass and Flowers

Living Grass and Flowers

A variety of grasses and flowers found throughout the southern and eastern plains and hills of Hyrule.

Hills and Plains: The Forest

Living Trees and Bush

As with the Dead bushes, the living bushes in the original game all use the original sprite.  With this version, I will be using trees and bush throughout the areas.

Hills and Plains:  Green Rocks

Green Rocks

These stones are found throughout Hyrule in the plains and other areas.  I have always pictured them as moss-covered.

Graveyard: Headstones, Skeletons, and Coffins


A variety of props for the Graveyard of Western Hyrule.  A few of these I need to look into why they are rendering nearly black, need to check my nodes in Blender.  I know they look fine in Unity, already tested there.  Updating the graphics on these to use Hylian Font and actually have some little words on the stones.

Samples of the Start Screen.

Top Down:

Start Screen

Angle 01:

Start Screen 2

Angle 02 (Close to the Ground, Facing south from the north screen entrance.

Start Screen 3

The next screen , 8I.

Screen 8I before Trees.PNG

Here I have added a group of objects for the underbrush.  The original screen is being used as the temp texture so I can properly place my trees and bushes.


Breath of the Wild Concept Tests from Nintendo

So Nintendo did the reverse of what I am going for, for testing concepts and ideas used in Breath of the Wild, they went 2D from 3D.


Here you can see where I am going for a bit of the opposite, taking the 2D game and making it 3D.

I am nearly done revising the models to be used in the first dungeon and I am working on Links animations now.  Once that is all complete, I will have a new walkthrough video to show!

Animating Link

Been working over the weekend and this evening, finally managed to get Classic Link from Hyrule warriors animated and moving in Unity.

I am going to be working on a camera system for First and Third person modes ala “Ocarina of Time”.

Here is a little preview.

Labyrinth 01, Sketchup and a New Workflow

Some more work in Sketchup, really getting things laid out and finding out the different modular pieces I will need.


Below is an example of one of the rooms in Sketchup.


Pulling into Blender and making new UV maps.


Will get some images uploaded once I have texturing re-done on some of these pieces.

A comparison of where I was a year ago to what I have in Unity now and what I have in Sketchup.


Revisiting the Project

Getting back into things.  I have learned a lot from one of my other projects and will be able to apply it to this project.

Also started learning Google Sketchup so I can do the basic architectural design of my dungeons with proper scaling and such.  Import these into Blender and detail/texture them before importing the final product into Unity.



Entering Hyrule

Working on the overworld a little bit.

Screen H8 – Original

H8 Orig

Screen H8 – The Startthe_beginning__screen_h8_by_cheifwahoomcdaniel-da0i6q8


Test Grass


Wooden Sword Cave – Original002

Wooden Sword Cave – My versionCavern_H8_TD

The Cave and the Old Man (Needs fire and an actual model)Cavern_H8Cavern_H8_02Cavern_H8_03Cavern_H8_04

Labyrinth 02: Temple of Nabooru, the Sage of Spirit



Above is the original version of the second labyrinth, Moon.  Located on the over world map on screen M4, the level is surrounded to the West by the desert.


Due to the positioning of the level in the over world and the shape (a Moon), I decided to go with this being a temple to Nabooru, the Sage of Spirit.  To convey this, I am incorporating the original Gerudo emblem (the Crescent Moon seen prominently throughout OOT) along with falling sand and other small nods.

Below are some screen shots of the pieces as I assemble them.  Really sticking with the modular design, getting all the prefabs put together and making things like swapping out models, scripts etc.

Side by Side Walkthrough Videos:

Top Down:

3rd Person:

Design Images:

Initial Layout:


Entrance Room O8:


Room P7:


Room O7:



Dungeon02 Props




Dungeon02 Floors




Labyrinth 01: Eagle

Yesterday was a good day.  Right after work I dove into the creation of new assets for the first labyrinth, Eagle.  I took a different approach with the texturing, making a single large texture for the entire room instead of simply trying to work with tiling the textures across the objects.

Dungeon 01 Full Comparison.png

Still need to create the bomb-able walls, both a horizontal and vertical version of them.  Also need to create a new floor module with a hole punched out to allow for a ladder down to the Bow room (Room O1).  Additional details are needed, this is all just the most basic of layout, getting room design and some ideas down.   Also, started working on a ceiling for when the player is in 1st / 3rd person view mode.  I want an ornate altar for the final room where the piece of Triforce is located.  Need to do more with Water trickling and roots showing, being it is under the dead Deku tree.

Below is a sample of some of the room.  A top down, 3rd person and original.  I am still working on how I want Link to be scaled to everything, ease of view for top down and such…

About the Temple:

  • Reason for Choice:
    1. Eagle is the theme, which matches the Hylian Crest, hence Zelda is the Sage represented by this Temple.
    2. The temple is located under the Deku tree, which is now on an island in Lake Hylia. A forest temple (Temple 3) and water temple (Temple 4) have already been established.
  • Theme:
    1. This is under Lake Hylia, so there will be dripping water, moss, algae, tree roots, vines and such.
    2. I want to incorporate the Hylian Royal Crest in some of the art and accessories so show the link (no pun intended) to the sage Zelda from OOT / Fallen Hero Timeline.
  • Music:
    1. Of course the original theme, I am thinking this temple will simply use an updated version of the original tune, nothing too fancy.

Room P6 (Entrance):




3rd Person:P6_3rdPerson

Room O6:




Room Q6:




Room P2:




3rd Person:P1_3rdPerson


Room N3:




Room Q3:




3rd Person:Q3_3rdPerson

Room R3:




3rd Person:R3_3rdPerson

Room R2 (Boss Room):




3rd Person:R2_3rdPerson

Room S2 (Triforce Room):




3rd Person:S2_3rdPerson