Loss of a Friend

This one is not LOZ related, but it has affected me heavily.

A good friend of mine from conventions and working the arcade crew for MAGFest, he passed away yesterday.

The other game I am working on, MornaTK, I have created a small memorial map.  Rob loved to cook, so I am implementing an NPC on this map that will be the cooking trainer in the game.  Using the disposition system I developed for NPCs in the game, you will be able to talk to him and build a friendship to unlock more stories, a secret shop etc.

It isn’t much, but it was my first thought on how I could memorialize a friend who had a love of games and food just as great as I.

It scares me, he was only a few years my senior and we don’t know why he passed away in his sleep.  There are so many projects to work on, so many people to fellowship with, so much to see.  To have it all snuffed out so soon, it hurts, it cuts deep.

Rob, you will be missed, my friend.





Update: Project Status

Hello!  Thank you for checking up.  I want to let everyone know I have not abandoned this project at all, just have been busy with life and another personal project.  I hope to be back to this by the end of the year though.


Thank you again!


Side Projects And Hiatus


It has been sometime since I have posted on the blog so I wanted to post some kind of update.

Recently my work has been focused on a MMO that I am helping with, we have moved into Beta, so I will be wrapping up a  lot of the heavier work and moving back to my Legend of Zelda project.

Once I return to this, the first item I want to work on is a revision of the overworld.

I should be updating regularly again starting in the next two or three weeks.

Dungeon Updates

Been working on the textures and models for my dungeons.  Below is a sampling of the higher resolution textures to be used.


  1. Labyrinth 01 – Temple of Zelda of the Hylian (Eagle)
  2. Labyrinth 02 – Temple of Nabooru of the Gerudo (Moon)
  3. Labyrinth 03 – Temple of Saria of the Kokiri (Manji)
  4. Labyrinth 04 – Temple of Ruto of the Zora (Snake)
  5. Labyrinth 05 – Temple of Darunia of the Gorons (Lizard)
  6. Labyrinth 06 – Temple of Impa of the Sheikah (Dragon)
  7. Labyrinth 07 – Temple of Din the Goddess of Power (Demon)
  8. Labyrinth 08 – Temple of Farore Goddess of Courage (Lion)
  9. Labyrinth 09 – Temple of Nayru Goddess of Wisdom (Skull)

Work is ongoing, my personal life has become very busy recently, with a new job and more!


Also, the Armos Knight design that my friend finished up, this will be getting modeled in Blender soon.


Weapon variations used by the Armos Knight:

Armos Knight Weapons

Basis for the Shield:


Awakened Armos Knight ConceptArmos Compare

Data Sheet:


Additional Concept Art:

Dormant Armos Knight - Green Stone Mountain ConceptDormant Armos Knight - Red Rocks ConceptDormant Armos Knight - Graveyard Concept

Organizing A Game

So, one of the things you learn when diving into a project like this is that you may have to go back to the drawing board with some items as you learn newer and better ways of doing things.  This was the case with the Overworld and now is the case with the file structure I am using.

Starting with the land of Hyrule, I have already posted a few things about the new approach I am taking with the models.  They are smaller chunks, a single one per screen now.  These will each have a material associated with them for a Handpainted, Realistic and Original texture.  These will be able to be swapped out via options in game.


Another thing I have started looking into (for future use) is photogrammetry.  Found some tools and such for this.  It is the same technique used to get the amazing terrains in the new Star Wars game.  http://starwars.ea.com/starwars/battlefront/news/how-we-used-photogrammetry.  Like I said, a future item.

Organization is very important.  I have had to rethink the way my folders, models, scripts sounds and all are being organized.Structure.png

Organizing props as well.  Below are some shots of the props to be used in Labyrinth 01.



The Overworld: Progress

This weekend, when I was home, I wound up tinkering with the overworld some more.

I now know what my issue was before, and it was as simple of a problem as I had figured it would be.  With the Displacement Modifier, the texture being used for the displacement, one needs to make certain that the way the image used for the Displacement is set to clip instead of repeating under the Image Mapping section.



So now that is working, I am working on adding the props in via Blender instead of Unity.  A test of the render in Unity after adding some props.

Screen I8:


Screen J8:


You can see the textures have been redone on these screens too.  I am testing some much higher resolution textures, this should allow me to scale things in the Dungeons better so it does not feel like an itty bitty character in an improperly scaled environment.  That work will come later, once I get more done with the overworld revision.

Screen K8:


Original Screen:


Test Re-texturing:


Of course the textures will be cleaned up, melded, merged and I am going to go with procedural generation.

H8, Start Screen:






L8 (Destructible Chunk):