Dungeon Updates

Been working on the textures and models for my dungeons.  Below is a sampling of the higher resolution textures to be used.


  1. Labyrinth 01 – Temple of Zelda of the Hylian (Eagle)
  2. Labyrinth 02 – Temple of Nabooru of the Gerudo (Moon)
  3. Labyrinth 03 – Temple of Saria of the Kokiri (Manji)
  4. Labyrinth 04 – Temple of Ruto of the Zora (Snake)
  5. Labyrinth 05 – Temple of Darunia of the Gorons (Lizard)
  6. Labyrinth 06 – Temple of Impa of the Sheikah (Dragon)
  7. Labyrinth 07 – Temple of Din the Goddess of Power (Demon)
  8. Labyrinth 08 – Temple of Farore Goddess of Courage (Lion)
  9. Labyrinth 09 – Temple of Nayru Goddess of Wisdom (Skull)

Work is ongoing, my personal life has become very busy recently, with a new job and more!


Also, the Armos Knight design that my friend finished up, this will be getting modeled in Blender soon.


Weapon variations used by the Armos Knight:

Armos Knight Weapons

Basis for the Shield:


Awakened Armos Knight ConceptArmos Compare

Data Sheet:


Additional Concept Art:

Dormant Armos Knight - Green Stone Mountain ConceptDormant Armos Knight - Red Rocks ConceptDormant Armos Knight - Graveyard Concept

Monster Data: Armos

The Armos are former Knights of the Sheika people.  As per burial customs of the Sheika, these soldiers spirits are tethered to this world and stay in the service of the Sheika as the Armos Knights.  The Ghini that can be seen roaming the Western Hyrule Graveyard are the spirits which occupy the Armos.  The Alpha Ghini was a higher ranking Knight, it now patrols the graves.  When dispatched, the other Ghini will retreat back the their gravestone tethers.

The Armos Knight stays dormant, it has been for the hundreds of years since the Imprisoning War. Time has no meaning to the Armos Knight.  If a body comes in contact with the Armos Knight, the Knight will awaken, the Ghini within stirring to life.  The environmental build up that has collected over the hundreds of years shakes off, the cogs within the mechano-stone construct begin to turn and it lives again.

With age some of the mechanisms within the Armos Knights stone body have worn, they do not necessarily attack, but wander about and recklessly run into whatever may be nearby, including Link.  Other Armos Knights do not show these same signs of wear, despite being dormant for just as long.  These Knights bound to life, amazingly agile for the giant stone hulk they are.

Below is the very rough concept for an Awakened Armos Knight and the three varieties of Dormant Armos Knight.

Awakened Armos Knight

Awakened Armos Knight Concept

Dormant Armos Knight – Red Rocks Concept

Dormant Armos Knight - Red Rocks Concept

Dormant Armos Knight – Green Stone Mountain Concept

Dormant Armos Knight - Green Stone Mountain Concept.png

Dormant Armos Knight – Graveyard Concept

Dormant Armos Knight - Graveyard Concept

Stat Sheet:



Armos Compare

Entering Hyrule

Working on the overworld a little bit.

Screen H8 – Original

H8 Orig

Screen H8 – The Startthe_beginning__screen_h8_by_cheifwahoomcdaniel-da0i6q8


Test Grass


Wooden Sword Cave – Original002

Wooden Sword Cave – My versionCavern_H8_TD

The Cave and the Old Man (Needs fire and an actual model)Cavern_H8Cavern_H8_02Cavern_H8_03Cavern_H8_04

Labyrinth 01: Beastiary

With work on my second labyrinth model coming to a close for the moment, I have taken the new techniques learned and I am revisiting the first labyrinth, Eagle.

In looking back over the first labyrinth, I also want to get the secrets and enemy models (place holders at least) in place.

Below is a listing of the creatures to be included, sources of inspiration for what my models will look like and a brief overview of how the enemy’s basic AI will function.

Blade Trap
Original Sprite: Blade Trap
HP Wooden Sword N/A White Sword N/A Magical Sword N/A Bow and Arrow N/A Bombs N/A Magical Wand N/A Fire N/A Boomerang or Magical Boomerang N/A
Attack Contact: 1/2 Heart Projectile N/A
Manual Art Manual Description
250px-TLoZ_Blade_Trap_Artwork Somebody placed these in the labyrinth a long time ago. They suddenly attack Link when he approaches them. So you’ve really got to watch out!
Behavior The trap will fling outward from the idle position in the corner of the room.  Traps work in pairs and will meet each other at the center of the trigger point.  Once they start to return to the idle position, they cannot be triggered again until back in the idle position. Agro Range Full Room, Line of sight on the X and Y Axis only.
Other Art
Drop Table X X X X X X X X X X
HP  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1
Attack Contact: Projectile N/A
Manual Art Manual Description
Jelly-like monsters that walk about bouncing around in the labyrinths. When Link cuts Zol, it splits into two Gels. Gel has little attacking power, but Zol has twice the power of Gel.
Behavior The gel will wander aimlessly around the room, when aggroed to Link, the Gel will leap at him, much like a Bit from AoL. Agro Range Short
Other Art
Drop Table X X X X X X X X X X
Red Goriya
Original Sprite: Red Goriya Original Sprite from AoL
HP Wooden Sword 3 White Sword 2 Magical Sword 1 Bow and Arrow 2 Bombs 2 Magical Wand 3 Fire 3 Boomerang or Magical Boomerang STUN
Attack Contact: 1/2 Heart Projectile 1/2 Heart
Manual Art Manual Description
A little devil that lives underground. He uses boomerangs. There are two of his type, blue ones and red ones. Watch out for the blue ones! They are strong.
Behavior They wander around the room occasionally throwing the boomerang at random.  Once aggroed to Link, they will aggressively throw their boomerang switching high and low.

Agro Range Long
Other Art Red Goriya By: goronic-d7stb1s on Deviant Art Goriyas from the LOZ Cartoon Goriyas
Drop Table Kill Count 00 - 01 Kill Count 01 - 02 Kill Count 02 - 03 Kill Count 03 - 04 Kill Count 04 - 05 Kill Count 05 - 06 Kill Count 06 - 07 Kill Count 07 - 08 Kill Count 08 - 09 Kill Count 09 - 00


HP  1  1  1  1  1  1 fire2 1 boomerang_magic1
Attack Contact: Projectile N/A
Manual Manual Art Manual Description
130px-keese Vire is a devil that controls the Keeses. When Link cuts it with his sword, it turns into two Keeses. Keeses have little attacking power, but Vire is a little stronger.
Behavior Keese will fly about the room at varying heights occasionally coming to rest.  They will swoop in from high when they agro to link. Agro Range Medium
Other Art 120px-keeselozart    legend_of_zelda_vire_and_keese_by_deimos_remus  a277bd4abdec58e957dc2b138e77f93ezelda_monster__keese_by_scrybe-d58gjh6
Drop Table X X X X X X X X X X


HP  2  1  1  1  1  1 fire2 2 boomerang_magicStun
Attack Contact: Projectile N/A
Manual Manual Art Manual Description
200px-stalfos-loz-art A skeleton that’s got a sword in each hand. Little attacking power.
Behavior  They wander around the room aimlessly.  Once agroed to Link, they will aggressively pursue him and attack with either a pair of swords, sword and shield, twin axes or twin morning star maces. Agro Range Medium
Other Art     100px-stalfoslozart2      stalfos_28sing_for_the_unicorn29  stalfosbattleartloz
Model UntitledUntitled
Drop Table orange-rupee-loz-sprite tloz_recovery_heart_sprite orange-rupee-loz-sprite tloz_blue_rupee_sprite tloz_recovery_heart_sprite tloz_clock_sprite orange-rupee-loz-sprite orange-rupee-loz-sprite orange-rupee-loz-sprite tloz_blue_rupee_sprite
Wall Master


HP  2  1  1  1  1  1 fire2 2 boomerang_magicStun
Attack Contact: Projectile N/A
Manual Manual Art Manual Description
wallmasterloz1 A monster hand that appears out of the labyrinth wall. If it catches Link, it takes him back to the entrance to the labyrinth.
Behavior On contact with a wall in a room where the Wall Masters reside, the wall will deform and the hand will appear, sliding along the wall towards where Link came in contact.  If they come in contact with him, the Wall Master will grab him and return to the Labyrinth entrance. Agro Range Contact with the wall, aggroed on summon.
Other Art     wallmasterlozart          legend_of_zelda__wallmaster_by_deimos_remuslink_vs__wallmaster_by_deimos_remus-d72bv1vwallmaster_blacklist_by_deimos_remus-d9pk2hn
Drop Table orange-rupee-loz-sprite tloz_recovery_heart_sprite orange-rupee-loz-sprite tloz_blue_rupee_sprite tloz_recovery_heart_sprite tloz_clock_sprite orange-rupee-loz-sprite orange-rupee-loz-sprite orange-rupee-loz-sprite tloz_blue_rupee_sprite
HP  6  3  2  1  3  3 fire2 1 boomerang_magicN/A
Attack Contact: Projectile
Manual Manual Art Manual Description
 Concept Art A type of dragon that some call a unicorn. As well as having lots of attacking power, it’s a fearful opponent. It emits mean beams.
Other Art  AquamentusOoS   Aquamentus    Aquamarentus_Art  Legend_of_Zelda__Aquamentus_by_Deimos_Remus   01_bad_aquamentus_mil_zd_6922056519_oAquamentus-LoZ-for-Links-Blacklist  aquamentus_by_scatha_the_worm
Behavior Basic Attacks – Consist of swipes of the claws, bites, gouging by horn and maybe a thrash of the tail.
Ranged Attack 01 – Lightning Ball:  Three orbs of ball lightning are emitted from creature’s mouth, they move in a forked pattern outwards (Like spread shot from Contra) 


Check out the artist who made this image.


Attack Ranged 02 – Charging Dash: Aquamentus will rear up and on landing charge headlong across the room right at Link.  A last moment sidestep will allow it to pass, knocking into the wall making its horn vulnerable for a few moments.)

Drop Table tloz_recovery_heart_sprite tloz_fairy_sprite orange-rupee-loz-sprite tloz_recovery_heart_sprite tloz_fairy_sprite tloz_recovery_heart_sprite tloz_recovery_heart_sprite tloz_recovery_heart_sprite orange-rupee-loz-sprite tloz_recovery_heart_sprite

Labyrinth 02: Temple of Nabooru, the Sage of Spirit



Above is the original version of the second labyrinth, Moon.  Located on the over world map on screen M4, the level is surrounded to the West by the desert.


Due to the positioning of the level in the over world and the shape (a Moon), I decided to go with this being a temple to Nabooru, the Sage of Spirit.  To convey this, I am incorporating the original Gerudo emblem (the Crescent Moon seen prominently throughout OOT) along with falling sand and other small nods.

Below are some screen shots of the pieces as I assemble them.  Really sticking with the modular design, getting all the prefabs put together and making things like swapping out models, scripts etc.

Side by Side Walkthrough Videos:

Top Down:

3rd Person:

Design Images:

Initial Layout:


Entrance Room O8:


Room P7:


Room O7:



Dungeon02 Props




Dungeon02 Floors




Organizing A Game

So, one of the things you learn when diving into a project like this is that you may have to go back to the drawing board with some items as you learn newer and better ways of doing things.  This was the case with the Overworld and now is the case with the file structure I am using.

Starting with the land of Hyrule, I have already posted a few things about the new approach I am taking with the models.  They are smaller chunks, a single one per screen now.  These will each have a material associated with them for a Handpainted, Realistic and Original texture.  These will be able to be swapped out via options in game.


Another thing I have started looking into (for future use) is photogrammetry.  Found some tools and such for this.  It is the same technique used to get the amazing terrains in the new Star Wars game.  http://starwars.ea.com/starwars/battlefront/news/how-we-used-photogrammetry.  Like I said, a future item.

Organization is very important.  I have had to rethink the way my folders, models, scripts sounds and all are being organized.Structure.png

Organizing props as well.  Below are some shots of the props to be used in Labyrinth 01.