Testing the Bomb Script

Working on some Unity scripting to take a step back from the model work I have been doing.

Getting the bombs to explode and affect objects around them is where I am right now.  Below is a link to my Youtube video of what I have thus far.

Thanks for checking it out!!!


Progress Report

Good afternoon!

I have not made any updates recently, but I am still slowly working on things.  Life happens and I have had to step back from my projects for a bit.  I hope to get back into the swing of things soon though.

For those of you following along, I thank you very much!

More Testing and Such

Another Test Room video showing progress with scripting and animation.

– Blade Traps: All four variants are working as expected so far. Need to add sounds to the animation though.
– Sliding Block: Setup now to move the block in a direction depending on how you face when pushing it. Needs work, the facing direction part.
– Direction facing: Very primitive stand-in version for the top-down view controls. What is in place now is only for demo.
– Locked Doors: Key pickup, unlock, sound etc. is working. Animation needs work.
– Bombable Walls: Working great, need to mess with the debris and how it is blown out of the wall
– HUD: Got the jist of it down, text updating key and bomb counts. New “Push” and “Open” options, will be working on this so it does not interfere with combat and so “B” button items cannot be used at the same time as a Push or Open command.

– To come:
Working HUD Map, Working HP Bar, Room to Room Camera Movement (Top Down)
Basement Room. Need to get the model I had for the basement updated in Blender and imported into Unity.


– Issues: The turning and movement of Link is wonky, learning animation and such will help though. Unity still does odd things with scaling, so learning how to deal with that and resetting the origin of objects

Testing Scripts Continued…

Continuing to test things.  Got blade traps going, a UI and tracking of Key and Bomb counts, door animations working now, new buttons show when you can “Open” a locked door or “Push” a block.  Need to get this figured out though, I need to prevent the use of items while the Push and Open options are available.


Scaling, Modeling and More!

I have been busy with some courses on Udemy, learning more about Blender at the moment.  With this, I have been gathering and editing assets and working on my own.

Below are some screenshots of what I have.

Working on the Second Labyrinth entrance for the overworld.

800px-TLoZ_Level-2_Entrance MODEL

Temporary enemies for scaling and scripting (until I get my actual models completed)

Link and Enemies

All of the items (with the in-game listing for comparison)

Items Render Compare

EquipmentLink and Equipment

Graveyard Assets (need to choose a style still)Link and Graveyard Props

Items picked up or placed on the ground.Link and Ground Items

Inventory ItemsLink and Inventory Items

The shattered Triforce of Wisdom (8 Pieces) and the complete Triforce of Courage.Link and Triforce

Overworld So Far

Just a quick look at what I have done so far since undertaking a refresh of the Overworld.

Here is the original set of screens.


Here they are from the same exact perspective but rendered in 3D.

Screens So Far TD

And from a 3/4 Perspective.

Screens So Far

And from another angle.

Screens So Far Angle

And the original inspiration for this, the little image from the manual showing this section of the overworld.

Manual Inspiration

Overworld Work: Screen 8I and 7H

Good evening!

Again, continuing work on the overworld in preparation to pull screens into Unity to show of a walk from the start screen to the first dungeon.

Yesterday and today, screens 8I and 7H have been rendered.  These are two screens adjacent to the starting screen.

Below are shots of 8I, 7H and 7I.

Original 8I:8I Original

8I Grass, Tree and Bush placement.  Using the original screen to ensure placement is proper and scaled.Screen 8I before Trees

8I orignal + bush

Textured with the High Res green mountain and cracked dry dirt.8I Complete TopDown

Top Down Comparison of 8I8I Original8I Top Down

Screen 7H Original7H Original

Original on the 3D Model7H Original 3D

Placement of the stones on 7H, using the original screen.7H Prop Placement

A render after placement of the stones.7H Render7H Render TD Angle

Top Down comparison:

7H Original7H Render TD


Screen 7I Original:7I Original

Original Applied to the model7I Original 3D

Placing the props…7I Prop Placement

and painting where underbrush will be randomly distributed by “weight painting” for the particle system.  Here the dead grass is already placed and this is for the living underbrush.7I Underbrush Placement

Here is an angled shot from near eye level.7I Ground View

An angled top down7I Top Dowm Angle

And finally, the original side by side with the new version of screen 7I.7I Original7I Top Down